Meet Jeremy: Account Manager!

There are members of our Supernova Marketing Solutions team that have been with us since day one, we decided to shine a light on the incredible work of one of these people, Jeremy Hardrick. Hardrick is an account manager on our team, who joined us in February of last year. We are so grateful to work with Jeremy each and every day and to call him a friend.

Let’s start at the beginning. Where were you born?

I was born In Mainz, Germany. I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee since the age of three.”

What were you like as a kid?

“My parents would describe me as outgoing, lively, and athletic, sometimes even a trouble maker.”

Were you involved in any extracurriculars or sports?

“When I was younger, I played basketball at a training camp with John Calipari. I broke a couple of records in STS Track, and every time I touched the football, I made a touchdown.”

How did that competitive environment shape you?

“The competitive environment helped me engage in leadership, so not only I could win, but we could win.”

Did you ever think that you would end up in this field?

“I went to school for Automotive Technology after high school, so no. I never would’ve thought that I would end up in this amazing field. I attended Nashville Auto Diesel College for 13 months, which was the complete course of trade school. Other than that, I worked at AutoZone and attended class.”

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you?

“My pops always having real conversations with me. Even when I may have been too young to fully grasp, it stuck. My pops told me when I was seven years old that ‘conversation rules the nation.’ I teach many people that and my words are proof.”

What is one thing we might not know about you by looking at you?

“By looking at me in a professional setting, no one would know that I have thirteen large tattoos.”

When did you officially start with the team?

“I started on January 23rd, 2018 with this amazing company.”

What were your first thoughts when joining the company?

“My first thought with the company was, “wow, they really utilize what my dad has taught me- conversation rules the nation.” Something unique that I saw what how much fun everyone was having – AT WORK?! It was an amazing experience.”

How would you describe the culture at the company?

“The culture is amazing. I never thought I would be at a corporate job with this family-like culture. I know it’s a people help people business, but we took that to a whole other level!”

What have you learned through your work that you didn’t know before?

“I don’t even know where to start. I’ve learned SO MUCH within this last year, probably how to better speak with individuals, back end duties in an actual business, and an extreme amount of personal development. This career has changed me for the better by helping make my dream come to reality and being able to help people in a tremendous way!”

What are your goals in the company?

“My goals within the company are too big to fathom. I aspire to be at Adam Dorfman’s level. I know that hard work is required, but I’m ready for the continued growth.”

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

“I recently moved to Huntsville, and I love the scenery. When I’m not working, I enjoy walking up the mountains and embracing beauty. On rainy days, ill chill at home with my lady and play some video games. I’m a simple man.”

Every team looks for that one person who constantly brings the drive, motivation, support, and laughs. For us, that is Jeremy Hardrick. Jeremy, thank you for elevating our team and creating a culture that we never could have dreamed of holding. You make us better.