Meet Daniel Steele: Senior Corporate Trainer

Welcome to Super Nova Marketing Solutions, where we believe that our greatest asset is the dedication of our team members. This month, we sat down with Daniel Steele, a senior corporate trainer on the team, to discuss life, business, and future.

Born in California, Steele bounced around the country throughout his younger years, residing on both coasts, and everything in between. The child of two Air Force veterans, Steele was shaped and developed by the time spent moving around. As a kid, Steele was relaxed and spent his time playing both football and basketball. “Being in that competitive environment shaped me,” says Steele, “it gave me heart, determination, perseverance, and resilience.”

Before joining our team, Steele served proudly in the Navy. For that, we thank him for his service. Alongside his dedication to the country, Steele remained a full-time student at night. “Moving around all the time forced me to adapt to many different cultures,” says Steele, “I’ve lived on three continents and met so many amazing people along the way.”

When Steele first joined the Super Nova team, he knew he had found something special. “I was so interested in the opportunity available,” says Steele, “everyone is a family and we all want to see each other succeed.”

As for his goals, Daniel Steele knows exactly what he wants. “I want to be a consultant in the industry within five years,” says Steele, “I definitely want to move out of Alabama and back to the West Coast.”

From all of us here on the Super Nova team, we want to express gratitude to Daniel, for not only serving as a leader on our team, but also for his service and dedication to the country. We thank you for your service each and every day.